Where to get black water barrels?

A lot of people ask me where to find black water barrels. Type "Black" in the search box to find black barrels like mine! (You can type any color.)
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My system that I use to water automatically with the rain water  (see the link on the right):

My next page will be about :
My alternate storage mechanism which frees up space near the house.

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Happy harvesting!


Billie said...

Awesome Ideas. I have been checking out several sites on this subject and so far this is the best.
Top pipe - If using a 3" or 4" PVC/ABS pipe there are caps designed specifically for topping or ending PVC/ABS pipes. Also to join the "downspouts" from the pipe to the rainbarrels if you use PVC/ABS cleaner and glue, the two pieces will actually be melted together (the glue causes a chemical reaction) making a watertight seal. The cleaner, glue and cap should probably cost $8 total (guessing high).

Happy Harvesting

Juggling Frogs said...

Fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing this design.

I just installed my first rainbarrel, just for watering the vegetable garden and directing the runoff away from our house.

Your system. and the resourcefulness you used to create it is truly inspiring.

Cheryl said...

What great ideas! We do not live in a rain scarce area, but we do pay for city water. This will allow me to water without guilt! :)

atasteofcreole said...

How long do the connectors last? How do you use for watering garden? I love the idea!

c said...

I have connectors last 10 years so far. No sign of getting old. There is a connector that allows you to screw on a water hose, or you can punch little holes for a drip line.

Chris the rainharvester: said...

ATasteOfCreole, I just put up a new website about watering with rainwater. It is http://www.WateringWithRainWater.blogspot.com

I wish I had done this earlier!!

GM3008 said...

This is awesome Chris. You put me to shame with my two barrels system that is not even connected. Time to catch up with you. Thanks for posting.